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Personalized Tour —
Ross Perot's House & Beach

Ross Perot's Bermuda House

Most Island Tours include stops
at Bermuda's historical sights and local attractions. In addition to that, we wanted a more personalized, "non-touristy, off-the-beaten-track" kind of tour — local beaches, Natural Arches (destroyed in Hurricane Fabian September 2003), and Celebrity Houses — Ross Perot, Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones have vacation homes in Bermuda.

So, we chartered a specially-licensed "Blue Flag" Taxi, in St. George's main square, for a
Half-Day Island Tour. Our driver/guide, George — a native of Bermuda — was extremely knowledgeable, entertaining, creative...and accommodating.



Since we were curious about
Ross Perot's
house — Barry worked at EDS for three years — George drove us by Perot's house (photo left) and his Private Beach (photo below) — we even saw the man himself!

Much to our surprise, Ross
paused by our van and said...
"Hi y'all, how are you doing?"

Ross Perot's Private Beach

Guess you just never know who you're going to run into while visiting Bermuda!

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