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Donghuamen Food Market /
Donghuamen Night Market


Donghuamen Night Market
Popular Tourist Attraction

Donghuamen Food Market is located near Wangfujing, in the Dongchen District of Beijing.

At night, this famous market is bustling with tourists. The street is lined with dozens of food stalls offering a variety of unusual grilled meats and seafood, noodles, dumplings, animal organs and exotic snacks — "fried bugs" on skewers-to-go — you gotta try at least one!



Unique Foods for the Truly Adventurous
Get adventurous with your taste buds. Donghuamen Food Market offers unique... most would even say weird food at reasonable prices. And it's fast too!

So-call market delicacies include:

  • Fried Scorpions
  • Fried Seahorses
  • Sheep's Belly Soup
  • Fried Centipedes
  • Assorted Animal Organs
  • Fried Crickets
  • Sea Urchins
  • Fried Grasshoppers
  • Boiled Chicken Feet
  • Snakes, Silkworms... and more!

People-watching — and picture-taking — is a blast, especially as visitors sample a crunchy insect delicacy for the first time. YUM!


Donghuamen Food Market opens at 6pm.

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