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— Summer Solstice
— Winter Solstice

Stonehenge at Sunset
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Summer & Winter Solstice
at Stonehenge
Stonehenge draws millions of visitors from around the world, especially during the Summer and Winter Solstices — the shortest and the longest days of the year — when the sun rises in perfect alignment to the circle of stones.

Summer Solstice is usually around June 20th or 21st and Winter Solstice is around December 21st or 22nd — dates vary depending on year. Check dates for upcoming Summer & Winter Solstices on Wikipedia.com

It is theorized that Stonehenge was built to mark these two events, which would have enabled people to chart the changing seasons.

Stonehenge is located in the English countryside near Amesbury, on Salisbury Plain, in Wiltshire — approximately 90 miles west of London.

Second Prehistoric Site
— "Bluehenge"

A "second prehistoric stone circle" was secretly unearthed by archeologists in the Summer of 2009. Dubbed "Bluehenge," it is considered to be one of the most important prehistoric finds in decades.

What is Stonehenge's Purpose?
Stonehenge still remains one of
the great mysteries of the world. Perhaps most amazing is the precision with which it has been built.

It is speculated that the site was an astronomical calendar. Others claim that it was a temple or sacred site where sacrifices took place on specific days of the year. It has even been linked to the
Crop Circle phenomenon, UFOs
and extraterrestrials!

Whatever its purpose, a visit to Stonehenge is not to be missed!




Stonehenge Tours

Stonehenge on a sunny day
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Stonehenge "Combo" Tours
— Bath
— Cotswolds
— Stratford-upon-Avon
— Winchester
— Windsor Castle
Visit Stonehenge, Windsor Castle, Bath, Stratford-upon-Avon, Winchester and The Cotswolds.

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