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S.F. Bay Area — No. California
Half Moon Bay, CA
Half Moon Bay Attractions
Mavericks Surf Contest
Mavericks Big Wave Invitational
Titans of Mavericks

— Mavericks History

Big Wave Surfing

How Mavericks Got Its Name
Back in the 1960's, surfer Alex Matienzo paddled out to ride the summer waves near the reef. Maverick, his German Shepherd, who seemed to have an affinity to cold salt water, paddled out alongside him. Alex, fearing for his dog's safety in the turbulent swells, took Maverick back to his car. Since then, the dog's name stuck to the site.

More Information on the Mavericks Contest for this year

Mavericks Big-Wave Invitational
In September 2011, the famous Mavericks Surf Contest organizers reunited to form Mavericks Invitational (Jeff Clark — the original big-wave surfer who began riding California's huge waves back in the 70s) is the official Contest Director.

Biggest Waves Ever!
In 2010, giant waves reached 50+ feet (that's five stories high) — the biggest ever for a Mavericks Surf Contest! They were dangerous too. A combination of huge rogue waves and high tide swept several hundred spectators off their feet and injured at least 15 — the most serious injuries involved broken bones.

Watch YouTube video to see 2010 Mavericks' massive waves and spectator injuries

Surfing at Half Moon Bay, California

Fun Surfing Video - Sponsored by Quicksilver

"Ghost Tree" Monster Waves
December 4, 2007 was a very significant surfing day at "Ghost Tree" in Monterey, California. The mammoth surf break featured monster waves (70+ feet) - the highest ever surfed in Monterey County.

Watch a Spectacular Video of the Big Wave Surfing in Monterey

Surfing at Half Moon Bay, California

Big Wave Surfing



Mavericks Contest History

February 2016
Titans of Mavericks saw near perfect conditions and waves of up to 40 ft. Nic Lamb of Santa Cruz won the title, with Travis Payne coming in second and Greg Long taking third place. Ken Collins (Santa Cruz) ruptured his left ear drum when he wiped out during the second quarterfinal and was held down under the water for almost two minutes. Sadly he had to drop out of the competition even after qualifying for the semi-finals.

Due to flat wave conditions, there was no Mavericks Surf Contest in 2015.

January 2014
The 30-40-ft waves didn't stop South African, Grant "Twiggy" Baker from winning the Mavericks title for the second time (he won in 2006). Shane Dorian, from Hawaii came in second and Ryan Augenstein of Santa Cruise came in third.

January 2013
Mavericks Invitational 2013 had near-perfect weather conditions — warm and sunny with up to 30-foot waves. The event drew thousands of spectators from around the world.

Mavericks Big Wave Invitational - Cancelled due lack of giant waves.

September 2011
Mavericks Surf Contest has new organizers and a new name: "Mavericks Invitational" led by 70s big-wave legendery surfer (and Mavericks pioneer) Jeff Clark.

Mavericks Surf Contest was renamed: "The Jay at Mavericks Big-Wave Invitational," in honor of Santa Cruz surfer Jay Moriarty, who died at age 22 in a 2001 free-diving accident in the Maldives.

Due to flat wave conditions, there was NO Mavericks Surf Contest in 2011. Sadly however, Mavericks claimed the life of legendary Hawaiian big-wave surfer Sion Milosky on March 16, 2011 after wiping out and being caught in a two-wave hold-down.

Huge 50-ft. waves and spectator injuries. Mavericks Surf Contest took place on Saturday, February 13th. South African winner, Chris Bertish, won the $50,000 top prize.

During the 2009 Spring Season, Mavericks Surf Contest was cancelled due to small waves.

Mavericks Surf Contest took place on January 12th.

The first week of December 2007 will go down as "one of the best weeks ever" for surfing in Northern California.

Tragically, Hawaiian surfing star Mark Foo drowned at Mavericks in giant 30-40 foot waves.

*Note: Mid-February 2010 and the first week of December 2007 will go down as "two of the best weeks ever" for surfing in Northern California.

Watch a Video featuring some of the largest waves ever surfed off the Half Moon Bay Beaches

Surf Contest


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Half Moon Bay Attractions

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