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Alcatraz Island, San Francisco Bay, San Francisco, CA

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Alcatraz Island

Alcatraz Reunion

Alcatraz Island Tour in San Francisco Bay

Alumni Day on Alcatraz
Every year, the Park Service hosts its Annual Alcatraz Reunion — former inmates, guards and families who lived on the island during its heyday, come together to share their stories with each other and the public. Hear firsthand accounts of their crimes and what life was like on the "Rock.'' As you can imagine, the people and their stories are very interesting!

The Annual Alcatraz Reunion usually takes place on a Sunday, on the second weekend of August (may be held on Sat & Sun). Date is subject to change, so be sure to call Alcatraz to confirm ahead of time.

More Info
415-981-ROCK (415-981-7625)
or 415-438-8360

National Park Service:

The Great Escape
Only five men are known to have escaped from Alcatraz — back in June 1962. Although presumed dead, they were never found... and to this day, it still remains a mystery.

Alcatraz Movies
Alcatraz was featured in the 1996 film "The Rock" as well as dozens of other movies, including "Escape From Alcatraz" — the historic site has also been the subject of numerous books and video games.

Alcatraz — Park Programs
Park programs include: Guided Tours, Evening Programs, Alcatraz Kids' Tours, Special Exhibits and fun Upcoming Events.

Private Events & Tours
Alcatraz Island is also available on a limited basis for private evening events and tours.
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Tours and Film Permits

Alcatraz and SF City Tour
Combine a San Francisco City Tour and guided visit to Alcatraz for the ultimate introduction to San Francisco!

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Alcatraz - United States Penitentiary sign - San Francisco, CA

Close-up View of Alcatraz (once an infamous Federal Penitentiary) - San Francisco, CA

Up-close view of Alcatraz - San Francisco Bay, SF, CA


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