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Lobster Buying Guide

—Where to Buy, Ship & Eat Lobster
—Top 10 Lobster Buying & Eating Tips
— How to Eat Lobster (Video)

Here are our favorite Live Maine Lobster stores to buy Live, Fresh and Cooked Lobster at Discount Prices in California, New York and around the U.S.


Legal Seafood (in Boston Area)
Order, Ship or Pick-up Live Lobster

San Francisco Bay Area
& California

New England Lobster Company
824 Cowan Road Burlingame, CA
More New England Lobster
Info and Photos

Order, Ship or Pick-up Live Lobsters

Ranch 99 Grocery Stores
California, Texas, Washington & Nevada
Find local Supermarket locations

Long Island & New York

Jordan Lobster Farms
1 Petit Place Island Park, NY 11558
Sunday - Thursday 9AM - 7PM

Friday and Saturday 9AM - 8PM

Order, Ship or Pick-up Live Lobsters

Top 10 Lobster Buying & Eating Tips

  1. We prefer 2 1/2 to 3-lb Lobsters for the best flavor, taste and experience.
  2. If you are on a budget, split a larger lobster (2 1/2 to 3 pounds) verses getting two small lobsters.
  3. A 5-lb plus Lobster can make a big impression on your party guests. However, the lobster meat may be less sweet and tender.
  4. Pick-up Lobster Bibs for your dinner (eating lobster is a messy business). Many stores provide them free with your lobster-to-go. 
  5. Don't go on a first date to eat lobster... and don't ask!
  6. Buy Special Seafood Forks and Shell Crackers before your lobster meal. You can buy these at almost any store — from Target to Walmart.
  7. Don't forget the Lemons! Squeeze them over the lobster meat and later on your hands to clean up after eating.
  8. Buy wet towel wipes for you and your guests to clean up after the meal.
  9. Before buying the lobster, make room in your refrigerator or find a cold place in your house, garage or basement to store the lobster until lunch or dinner.
  10. Throw out the garbage before you go to sleep. You don't want to wake up the next morning and have the kitchen (or your whole house) smelling of old seafood!

Video Tip: How to Cook a Lobster


How to Eat Lobster - Helpful Videos
If you are new to eating lobsters, you may want to watch these videos, before going out to dinner. The following are two videos to help you learn how to eat a lobster

Video #1 - How to Eat a Lobster

Nancy tells you how to prep and eat a Maine Lobster in less than 5 minutes.  She is fast and good.

Video #2 - How to Eat a Lobster


Growing up with Lobster

Barry grew up eating Lobster with his family on Long Island, New York. 

Jordan Lobster Farms was a popular lobster store, located right on the waterfront in his hometown of Island Park. Lobster Boats would unload fresh lobsters each day. Lobster was always available at reasonable prices in many restaurants.

When Barry was a young kid, his Mom ordered the only lobster dinner at the table and he and his sister got to taste lobster meat when they went out to restaurants — they loved the lobster.

Bad mistake.... As a teenager, Barry and his sister started ordering lobster for their own meals. His Dad didn't like the cost of three lobsters per dinner out... but he went along with it.

When Barry moved to San Francisco, he never quite found a place like Jordan Lobster Farms.  That is until 2010 when we finally found The New England Lobster Co. in South San Francisco.

As a result of our research, we created this page to help all the other Lobster Lovers who can't find an easy way to buy live, delicious and cooked Maine Lobsters for their family, friends and business associates.

Let us know your favorite place(s) to enjoy fresh lobster.



Lobster Bake Delivered to Your Home or Office

Alana with a 10-lb Fresh Live Lobster - Wow it's big!

Live 10-lb Lobster Ready to Travel

Lobster Dinner - Shipped by Legal Seafood

Fresh Lobster Cooked - Pick up in California, New York or Boston

Lobster Dinner in the Home

Fresh Cooked Lobster Tail Meat

Live Lobster Looking You in the Eye Before You Cook Him

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