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Special Gift Ideas for Dad
on Father's Day



Happy Father's Day — Nice Things To Do for Dad...

One thing that we can all agree on, is that Dads everywhere should be treated special on Father's Day. Over the years, we've helped many of our readers brainstorm Father's Day Gift Ideas and Fun Things To Do:

  • Some Dads like to stay home (in their "man cave")
  • Others want out of the house
  • Some even like a gift
  • Many would love a Weekend Getaway

.... and some Dads deserve all four!


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Stay Home

  • Make his Favorite Food (Brunch, Lunch or Cook Dinner)
  • Let him watch Sports for the Night or Weekend
  • Watch an at-home Movie together – His choice
  • Plan a Special Father’s Day BBQ
  • Order his Favorite Pizza and buy his Favorite Beer and just Hang Out Together
  • Give him a Special Massage
  • Invite Friends or Family over to Celebrate Together

Go Out

  • Rent a Boat and spend a Day on the Water
  • Treat him to a few rounds of Golf at his Favorite Golf Course
  • Take him and the kids out to Play Put-Put Golf
  • Go out for a nice Champagne Brunch
  • Take him to Lunch or Dinner at his Favorite Restaurant
  • Go Wine-Tasting at a local winery
  • Take a BBQ Grilling Class together and Buy him a Grilling Cookbook
  • Surprise him with a Father’s Day “Day Out” (you make all the plans)
  • Treat him to a Movie — His choice
  • Take him to a Baseball Game to see his Favorite Baseball Team
  • Plan a Romantic “Date Night”
  • Take him to a Concert to see his Favorite Artist/Band
  • Play Tourists for the Day – Go on a Fun City Sightseeing Tour
  • Surprise him with a Getaway Weekend (you take care of everything)
  • Have a Fun "Day at the Races"
    - Stock Car Racing, Indy Car Racing, Dragster Racing, Race a Ferrari... and more!
    Order a Race Car Driving Experience in a city near you via Cloud 9 Living


Gifts… and Nice Things To Do for Dad

  • Buy him gear from his Favorite Sports Team
  • Treat him to a Fun Gadget (Boys & their Toys)!
  • Buy him an iPhone / Android Smartphone Accessory
  • Get His Car Washed and Detailed
  • Pick up the Dry Cleaning for your Husband
  • Send or Make him a “Special Dad” Card
  • Call AND Text him to say “I Love You!”
  • Write on his Facebook Wall
  • Give him an Outdoor Plant - Cactus, Tree, Bamboo
  • Surprise him with a Gift Card from his Favorite Store
  • Gifts for Techie Dads - Motivational, Leadership and Techie T-Shirts and Hoodies


Weekend Getaway in Vegas
Treat Dad to a special "Guys Weekend in Las Vegas" — Watch "The Hangover" (Part 1, 2 and 3) together before his trip to get him in the Vegas mood! OR... give Dad a great Weekend Getaway for the whole family! We have a huge "Love to Eat and Travel" Las Vegas section featuring the
Top 20+ Fun Things To Do in Vegas and Free Vegas Attractions.

Visit Travelocity for Las Vegas Deals for Dad


... Whatever you do… have FUN!

FYI… “Dads” include Husbands, Fathers, Sons, Grandpas, Father-in-Laws, Brother-in-Laws, Brothers, Grandsons, Son-in-laws, Boyfriends, Uncles, Nephews, Cousins, and Special Partners.

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