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Presidential Inauguration Party Tips
"How to Host an Inauguration Party"


It's Inauguration time! Invite your friends to a FUN Inauguration Party. Watch live on TV or the Internet as the Presidential Inauguration takes place in Washington DC — or record the show to watch later with your guests if you're hosting an evening event.

Inauguration Day / Night Party

Your House / Fun Location

To Celebrate This Historic Event


Past First Family
Secret Service Code Names

Add a bit of mystery to your party. When your guests arrive at your place and knock on your door, have them give you a special "secret password" before gaining entry. FYI, see previous Secret Service Code Names:

President Barack Obama: Renegade
First Lady Michelle Obama: Renaissance
Malia: Radiance
Sasha: Rosebud

VP Joe Biden: Celtic
Jill Biden: Capri

Inauguration Party Invitations
Be creative with your invitations — if you don't want the expense of buying printed Inauguration Party invitations, you can always print your own. If you want to go high-tech, use Eventbrite.com — the online service can be used to send free invitations, or you can charge for tickets to your event. You can also make the event public or private. Other options include sending an email, using Facebook.

Hollywood's Largest On-line Gift Store 

Inauguration Party Supplies
Theme Decor / Party Favors
Order online or visit your local Party Store for Fun "Patriotic" Theme Decorations and Party Favors — Red, White and Blue Balloons, Giant Red, White and Blue Stars, Flowers, Confetti, Glitter Top Hats (turn them upside down and fill them with popcorn, or Red, White and Blue Jellybeans or M&Ms), patriotic Stars & Stripes paper plates, cups and napkins... you get the idea. And don't forget to put out an American Flag... or two.

Democrat Party Supplies

Personalized M&Ms
Put your favorite face and personalized words on your favorite candy!

Personalized M&M Words, Faces & Colors!

Inauguration Party Munchies
"Red, White & Blue"
Keep your Inauguration Party munchies and menu simple, FUN and patriotic.

Put "American Flag" toothpicks in your appetizers and fresh fruit bites — colorful and patriotic.

Whip up an "All-American" menu — Burgers, Hotdogs, BBQ Ribs, Steak... and all the trimmings.

"Red, White and Blue" Desserts — Angel Food Cake, fresh berries (Raspberries, Strawberries, Blueberries) and Whipped Cream (or Red, White and Blue Ice-Cream or Sorbet). And of course, you can't go wrong with good ol' American Apple Pie.

Put out bowls of "Red, White and Blue" Jellybeans and/or M&Ms for your guests to enjoy throughout the event.

Inauguration Party Champagne /
Sparkling Wine and Soft Drinks
Celebrate this historic event with Champagne or Sparkling Wine as you toast to your new President.

In addition to Beer and Wine (or any alcoholic beverages), be sure to have plenty of sodas, soft drinks, bottled water and coffee on hand for non-drinkers and "designated drivers."

Presidential Inauguration Info
Presidential Inauguration Info
Washington DC

Inauguration Celebrations
— Swearing-In Ceremony & Festivities
More Info on Inauguration Celebration, including Theme, Inauguration Ceremony, National Mall viewing, Star-Studded Events... and more!





Two Couples Party at Night

Political Cardboard

Place Political Cardboard Cut-Outs at the front entrance and around the room — make it easy and fun for your guests to mingle, network and take pictures of their Favorite Politicians.

Fun Digital Pics
Take Digital or Polaroid Pictures of your guests (as they arrive) standing next to their favorite Political Candidate cut-out — fun take-home souvenirs.

Inauguration Party Videos
Use your iPhone or Android Smartphone to record and share your party activities.

Share Party Photos,
Videos and Comments
Upload your Digital Party Pictures for Free to Flickr, Facebook, Instagram, Shutterfly, Twitter or Google Photos and upload your Video to YouTube after your Election Party to share with your family, friends and co-workers. Post comments and updates on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram to share what is happening real-time.

Free Video Conferencing
For those people who can't be at your Inauguration Party, set up a FREE Web Conference using Skype or Google Hangouts — that way they can participate live during the awards.

Red, White and Blue Patriotic Flowers for your Election Party or to send Friends and Family

Order Flowers for the Party
Send "Congratulations" Flowers to your Family and Friends to celebrate this historic event.


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