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Top 10 "Date Night" Tips

Give a Special Toast during your "Date Night"

Top 10 "Date Night" Tips

Don't wait for a special occasion to take your honey out on a date. Surprise each other throughout the year. Check out our 10 "Date Night" Tips below... and have FUN!

1.  Plan a "Date Night" (take turns) —
     Keep it simple... it doesn't have to be      extravagant. It's the thought that counts!

2.  Send Flowers 2-3 days in 
    advance — Get your honey in
    a good mood for "Date Night"

3.  Mail a Romantic Card (40+)
    Send a Romantic eCard or eMail (30+)
    Send a Romantic Text (-30)
    Post a Romantic Facebook message

4. Talk about "Date Night" a few days before
    you plan to have your date. Give Hints, but     NO details — Keep your honey guessing!

5.  Dress up... or not :)

6.  Make a Special Toast to your Honey
     — Over Cocktails
     — During Dinner
     — After Dinner

7.  Enjoy Drinks, Dinner, Dancing, a Movie,      Theater, Concert, Comedy Show,      Sporting Event... or make it casual and just      go out for Coffee and Dessert 
      — Whatever you do, just have FUN!

8.  Talk to your honey "after" your date
     — go for a walk after dinner...
     don't forget to hold hands!

9.  Sex... include a nice massage :)

10. Next morning, share your feelings
     — talk about the date and how much fun      you had together.

If you really want to make your honey feel special, send a card/email/text or leave a few "Post-It" messages around the house or in the car to let him/her know how much you enjoyed the evening together and that you can't wait for your next date!

Don't wait too long to plan another Fun "Date Night!"

Source: Love To Eat And Travel



Alana and Barry enjoying "Date Night" at the Cliff House in San Francisco, California

Send Flowers 2-3 days in advance of Date Night to get your honey in a good mood

Wine and Champagne

Send Orchids to your honey on Date Night

Dine Out with Another Couple and Make it a "Date Night" for Two

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