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Love to Eat and Travel
Tips & Ideas — Travel Tips
Vacation Days Around the World

Bahamas Beach Vacation

Minimum Required
Vacation Time Around the World

& Finland

6 Weeks
Sweden & France
5 Weeks
Most of Europe
& Australia
4 Weeks
& New Zealand
3 Weeks
Canada & Japan   2 Weeks
Hong Kong, Singapore
& Mexico

1 Week
China & U.S.*   0 Days

*Dutifully working ourselves into an early grave.

Italy 42 days*
France   37 days
Germany   35 days
Brazil   34 days
United Kingdom   28 days
Canada   26 days
Japan   25 days
Korea   25 days
United States   13 days

*No wonder the Italians won a World Cup!

Source: World Tourism Organization 2007


Eiffel Tower and Seine River, Paris, France

Statue of David in Florence, Italy

Big Ben in London - Photo by Lorraine


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