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U.S. Travel — No. California
Lake Tahoe, CA (and Nevada)
Lake Tahoe Attractions

Fannette Island
— Emeral Bay State Park
— Inspiration Point
— Vikingsholm Parking Area Overlook
— Tea House on Fannette Island


Fannette Island
— Emerald Bay State Park
Fannette Island is Lake Tahoe's only island. Located in Emerald Bay, on the west shore of Lake Tahoe, the granite island rises 150 feet above the water.

Emerald Bay State Park is located 22 miles south of Tahoe City and about 30 minutes from the South Shore casinos.

Inspiration Point
Inspiration Point vista is a great place to stop and take pictures of Emerald Bay, Fannette Island, the lake, and the mountains. It's located just off the windy road on Hwy 89, on the right.

Vikingsholm Parking Area Overlook
For even better views than those at Inspiration Point, turn right on Hwy 89 and drive up the road (1.1 mile) to Vikingsholm Parking Area Overlook (on the right) — the panoramic views are spectacular.

Tea House on Fannette Island
If you look closely, you can see the "Tea House" on top of the island — it was built in 1929 by Mrs. Knight (who built Vikingsholm Castle) for her and her guests who would travel by boat to enjoy afternoon tea.

Today, only the stone shell of the Tea House remains.

Canadian Geese
Fannette Island is closed to all visitors Feb 1-June 15. During this time, Canadian geese nest on the island — it's an ideal location for nesting. In early spring, there may be as many as 100 geese on or near the island and by late spring, you may see families of geese swimming along the shoreline near
Vikingsholm Castle.

Tour Island
Visitors can see Fannette Island during the day from mid-June to February. 6am-9pm

Camping is prohibited and dogs are not allowed on the island.

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Fannette Island in Emerald Bay, Lake Tahoe, California

Emerald Bay and Fannette Island, Lake Tahoe, California

Emerald Bay Overlook at Emerald Bay State Park "Vikingsholm" parking area

Emberald Bay in Lake Tahoe, CA

Tea House on Fannette Island, Emerald Bay, Lake Tahoe, California

Emerald Bay
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Vikingsholm Castle
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