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Ernest Hemmingway
Home & Museum


"He has never been known to use a word that might send a reader to the dictionary."
William Faulkner (about Ernest Hemmingway)

Ernest Hemmingway
Home & Museum

The Ernest Hemmingway Home & Museum is one of Key West's most popular attractions — it's where writer Ernest Hemmingway penned some of his most famous novels back in the 1930s.

Hemmingway lived in Key West during 1931-1940. He wrote 70% of his lifetime work in the nine-year period. The house (pictured top right) was built in 1851. Today, thousands of visitors from around the world come to see the famous Nobel Prize winner's home and museum.

Visitors to the museum also come to see descendants of Hemmingway's six-toed tomcat — many of the 60 cats that live on the grounds today still have six toes.

Hemmingway named all of hs cats after famous people. That same tradition is followed today — names include: Howard Hughes, Charlie Chaplain, Ava Gardner, Harry Truman, Spencer Tracy, Joan Crawford, Gertrude Stein, Emily Dickinson...

Private Parties,
Weddings & Corporate Events

The Ernest Hemmingway Home & Museum — and its beautiful landscaped gardens — make a unique venue for hosting Private Parties, Weddings and Corporate Events.


Hemingway House with Chicken

Pullizer & Nobel Prize
Hemmingway received his Pullizer-Prize in 1953 for "The Old Man and the Sea."

He received his Nobel Prize in Literature in 1954.

Hemmingway Home
& Museum Hours

Open 365 days a year,

View Hemmingway House & Museum real-time Live Cams

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Ernist Hemmingway Home & Museum


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