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Ghostbar @ Palms Las Vegas

Inside the Ghostbar atop The Palms

Palms Las Vegas
4321 W. Flamingo Road
Las Vegas

Las Vegas has no shortage of
Bars and Nightclubs, but this one is unique. Its open-air sky deck design allows for partying under the stars.

The Ghostbar sits atop The Palms Casino Hotel — on the 55th floor. The popular and trendy indoor-outdoor lounge offers a spectacular 360° view high above the Las Vegas Strip. The views are especially stunning on a clear night with a full moon (photo below).

View from the Ghostbar with full moon

Decor is ultra-modern, with cool relaxing colors and 12-ft. floor-to-ceiling windows offer dramatic panoramic views.

Have fun standing and crossing the small plexiglass platform on the sky deck floor — as you look down 450-ft. below. It's a little unnerving at first, at least until you've had a drink or two!

The Ghostbar is romantic and well worth a visit, but be prepared to wait in line during peak times. The Palms Casino Hotel is only a short taxi ride from the Las Vegas Strip.


Fun Off-Site Events
Host a private VIP reception or celebrate a special occasion at Ghostbar. The open-air indoor-outdoor lounge makes this a unique venue for a memorable event.

View of Las Vegas Strip from atop the Ghostbar

The photos below were taken during a Private Party featuring Austin Powers and Marilyn Monroe.

Austin Powers and Marilyn Monroe performing at a Private Party at Ghostbar atop The Palms

Alana & Austin Powers at Private Party at the Ghostbar

Open daily 8pm-4am.
Popular on Friday and Saturday nights, so arrive early.

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Palms Las Vegas

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