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minus 5° Ice Lounge
— Ice Indoor Bar & Lounge
— Everything inside is made of Ice!


FUN Las Vegas Bar & Ice Lounge
@ Mandalay Bay and Monte Carlo

Best Place to Chill Out in Vegas!
If you're looking for a FUN place to "chill out" in Vegas, head over to the minus 5° Ice Lounge — named for its constant temperature of minus five degrees. The first permanent ice lounge in America, opened at Mandalay Bay in September 2008. And two years later, a second Ice Lounge opened at the Monte Carlo Resort.

Everything inside the Ice Lounge is made of ice — chandeliers, couches, bar... even the glasses! Temperatures are kept at a constant -5° celsius (23° F).

Insulated parka coats, boots and gloves are provided to guests — a requirement for entry. It's so cold inside, patrons are advised to spend only 30-45 minutes in the bar.

Signature Cocktails
The Ice Lounge features 12 Signature Cocktails, containing exotic fresh fruits and lots of premium vodka

Fresh Ice and New Ice Sculptures
Every six month, the Ice Lounge walls will be refilled with fresh ice. Every six weeks, sculptors will create new figures.

minus 5° Lodge
The minus 5° Lodge sits adjacent to the Ice Lounge —  it features iron-wood beams, leather seats, an open hearth and artifacts from famous explorers.

Available for private parties and corporate events, the lodge seats 150 for a cocktail-style setting.


Private Parties
and Weddings

The Ice Lounge can accommodate up to 150 people for Private Parties, VIP Receptions, Corporate Events — even Weddings.

A chapel-like area (built from ice) is located at the far end of the lounge — it has stained windows and pews, ice sculptures and an ice candelabra.

Ice sculptors can carve company logos (or whatever you'd like) for that extra added touch to your event or wedding.

Popular with Tourists
and Locals alike!

Ice Lounge has been a big hit with tourists and locals alike ever since — Mandalay Bay's 2,000 sq-ft Ice Lounge draws approximately 400 people a day (no numbers yet on Monte Carlo).

Open daily

More Info
Minus 5° Ice Lounge

Other minus 5° Ice Lounge Destinations
Mandalay Bay and Monte Carlo's minus 5° Ice Lounges in Vegas, joins sister outlets in New Zealand, Australia and Portugal.

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