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Shark Aquarium

Aquarium at The Mirage, Las Vegas

Shark Aquarium — FREE
The Shark Aquarium is one of The Mirage's most popular attractions.. and it's free!

The 20,000 gallon, 53-ft-long aquarium is located directly behind the hotel's Registration desk (see photos above and below).

Aquarium behind the Registration desk at The Mirage, Las Vegas

Mirage Hotel and Resort Lobby


The Mirage's Aquarium is filled iwth colored coral and exotic fish

Colored Coral & Exotic Fish
Filled with vibrantly colored coral and a host of exotic fish, it is also home to several sharks.

The aquarium accommodates more than 1,000 coral-reef animals representing 60 species from Australia, Hawaii, Tonga, Fiji, the Red Sea, the Marshall Islands, the Sea of Cortez and the Caribbean.

Lobby Seating
Seating in the lobby is limited, but there are several bench seats offering aquarium views directly across from the Registration desk.

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Shark Aquarium
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