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Howe Caverns

Welcome to Howe Caverns sign, just outside of Albany, NY

Howe Caverns
255 Discovery Drive
Howes Cave, NY

If you're planning a trip to Albany and have a little time to spare, visit nearby Howe Caverns (Underground Caves) — it's a FUN family attraction.

Mini Leaning Tower of Pisa and The Praying Hands or White Christmas Tree - Rock formations inside Howe Caverns, New York

Stalactites & Stalagmites
Marvel at the cavern's underground rock formations, located 20 stories under the earth's surface — stalactites hang from the ceiling and stalagmites rise from the ground. The caves are also home to five species of bats (although we didn't see any during our last visit).

The only two rock formations that visitors are allowed to touch, are the mini Leaning Tower of Pisa and The Praying Hands or White Christmas Tree (photos above and below).

Mini Leaning Tower of Pisa rock formations inside Howe Caverns, NY

The Praying Hands or White Christmas Tree rock formation inside Howe Caverns, NY

Since it's reopening to the public in 1929, visitors for Howe Caverns have toured only half of the original cave. Work is underway to restore more than a quarter mile of the cave, last seen by visitors in the 1800s.

Howe Caverns - Fun Family Attraction is open 365 days a year. Howe Caverns is located approximately 45 minutes from downtown Albany, NY

Lighted rock formations inside Howe Caverns, NY

People enjoying a Traditional Cavern Tour at Howe Caverns in New York

Underground caves at Howe Caverns in NY

Smile - have your family photo taken in an underground cave at Howe Caverns, New York

View of Howe Caverns entrance in New York


Inside Howe Caverns, NY

FUN Cavern Tours
Traditional Guided Cavern Tours are held daily (except for Thanksgiving and Christmas Days). Tours run approximately 80 minutes and include a scenic quarter-mile Boat Ride on the Underground Lake of Venus. Other Fun Cavern Tours include Lantern Tours, Group Traditional Tours and Adventure Tours.

While temperatures outside may be soaring, the underground cavern stays at a chilly 52°F (with 75% humidity) all year round, so be sure to bring along a light jacket to keep warm.

People on a Traditional Cavern Tour at Howe Caverns, NY

And wear comfortable shoes because there is a LOT of walking... and climbing stairs. Note: The lowest level of the caves is 200 feet.

Boat in the underground Lake of Venus at Howe Caverns, NY

Boat Ride on Lake of Venus
During the Traditional Cavern Tour, boats glide along the underground Lake of Venus in near total darkness, with rocks illuminated along the way. Big rocks hang low and jut out at every turn, so be sure to keep a lookout, watch your head and stay seated well inside the boat. Each boat holds approximately 19 people.

Exiting boat after ride along Lake of Venus in Howe Cavern Tour, NY

The Winding Way
The last leg of the Cavern Tour is aptly named The Winding Way — the winding area is "S" shaped due to water erosion. This was our favorite part of the tour.

Alana waving along The Winding Way - last part of the Traditional Cavern Tour at Howe Caverns in New York

As you can see from the photos (above and below), the winding passageways are extremely narrow — approximately 2 1/2 ft wide. One really gets a different perspective walking back through the caves. Note: We wouldn't recommend this if you are claustrophobic.

Squeezing through rock formations along The Winding Way at Howe Caverns in New York

Weddings at Bridal Altar
Over 550 weddings have taken place at the cavern's underground Bridal Altar. Myth has it that if you step on the "Pink Heart" (pictured below), you'll be married in a year.

Underground Bridal Altar and Pink Heart at Howe Caverns in New York

Cavern Hours
Open daily 9am-6pm
Winter 9am-5pm

Closed Thanksgiving Day
and Christmas Day

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Howe Caverns



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