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Grand Central

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Grand Central Station (Terminal)
- Gourmet Food Market
- Grand Central Restaurants
- Grand Central Shops
- Grand Central Hidden Gem
- Grand Central Shuttle
- Grand Central Guided Tours


Grand Central Station
— New York City Landmark

Grand Central is so much more than just a train terminal — the New York City landmark is a fun destination for tourists and locals alike (and definitely worth a visit if you haven't been there yet).

Located in midtown, Grand Central Terminal (often referred to as Grand Central Station) is one of New York City's main railroad stations — handling over 700,000 visitors a day! It's the most widely recognized train terminal in the world. First opened on February 2, 1913, the historical building was fully restored by 1998.

Gourmet Food Market
The massive station houses a large food court, a wonderful gourmet food market, numerous stores and specialty shops, and a variety of restaurants and bars — making it a FUN place to meet friends for breakfast, lunch or dinner.


During one of our many trips to NY (on a blustery, rainy day), we met business associates for lunch at the Food Court. Grand Central is a good central meeting point for people coming into the city (especially if it's raining or hot and humid outside) — and depending on where you eat, your meal can be relatively inexpensive.

Grand Central Terminal is open to the public daily 5:30am-2am.

Grand Central Restaurants
When it comes to food, Grand Central has something for everyone — casual Food Court eateries to upscale dining in fine restaurants.


Grand Central Shops
— Apple Store opened 12/9/11

No shortage of retail stores here — shop to your heart's content. On December 9, 2011, Apple opened one of its biggest stores at Grand Central, overlooking the historic main concourse of the terminal (formerly Métrazur, Charlie Palmer's restaurant).

Be sure to check out Pylones (pictured below) — it's one of the most interesting and unique stores at Grand Central. We're hoping they open a branch in San Francisco! The New York Transit Museum Gallery & Store is also fun!

Grand Central Shops - Pylones store inside Grand Central Terminal, NYC

Grand Central Store Hours
Mon-Fri 8am-8pm
Sat 10am-8pm
Sun 11am-6pm

Grand Central Stores - Bakery, Grand Central Terminal, NYC

Grand Central Stores - Hudson News, Grand Central Terminal, NY

Private Events
Host a Private Party or Corporate Event at Grand Central — contact the Special Events Department for more info.

People taking escalator at Grand Central Terminal, NY


Grand Central Terminal main concourse, New York City

Grand Central Terminal - main concourse showing clock and information booth, New York City, NY

Cops on the beat at New York's Grand Central Terminal, NYC

Hidden Gem
Grand Central houses a $20 million jewel — in plain sight! And the cops (pictured above) are looking right at it. Have you guessed what it is yet?

Hint: It sits atop the main Information Booth, in the middle of the hall. It's the famous clock — synched to the atomic clock at the U.S. Naval Observatory (USNO) in Washington D.C.

The clock's four faces are made from incredibly valuable opal, recently appraised at approximately $20 million — that's one expensive clock!

TIP: If you're meeting someone at Grand Central Station, arrange to meet in front of the famous brass clock in the middle of the main concourse (at the Information Booth, pictured above) — the terminal is so big and this is an easy-to-find meeting point. It's also a FUN place for people-watching while you wait!


Free Guided Tours
and Walking Tours
Take a FREE Guided Tour of Grand Central Station. Public Tours are offered on Wed and Fri at 12:30pm. Walking Tours are also available.

Grand Central-Times Square Shuttle, NYC

Grand Central-Times Square Shuttle
TIP: The fastest way to get to Grand Central Station from Times Square is by taking the special Grand Central Shuttle (subway) between Times Square and Grand Central. This is a good, quick and inexpensive alternative to taking a taxi across town, especially when it's raining and hard to hail a cab.


Shuttle Passage at Grand Central Terminal, NYC

Inside Grand Central Terminal, New York City, NY

Tracks and people in line at Grand Central Terminal, NYC

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Grand Central Station

Grand Central Food Court & Restaurants

Grand Central Market

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