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International Travel — Europe
The Netherlands (Holland)
Amsterdam Restaurants

Amsterdam Restaurants
Amsterdam is home to wonderful sidewalk cafés, restaurants, coffee shops and pubs — many of which are nestled along the canals and waterways.

Eet Smakelijk!

"Al Fresco" Dining
Amsterdam is a terrific place to enjoy dining outdoors on a patio or terrace, overlooking its picturesque waterways. Be sure to include this request when making your reservations.

Sunday Brunch
Whether it's a special occasion, an opportunity for friends to catch up, or a pleasant start to a lazy weekend day, Sunday brunch is a meal for relaxation and good company. Visit your favorite brunch spot this Sunday!

Michelin Star Recipients
Congratulations to the restaurants which were awarded Michelin stars in the MICHELIN guide for Amsterdam 2009.

Amsterdam Nightlife Restaurants
Whether it's the hippest lounge, a special menu served into the late hours, or another unique nightlife feature, you'll enjoy much more than just dinner at Amsterdam-area restaurants.

Amsterdam Restaurants -Yahoo List

— "Must-Have" Dutch Treat

Poffertjes are a "must-have" Dutch treat when visiting the Netherlands. Similar to little Dutch pancakes, they're small, thick and fluffy. The yummy treats are usually served with powdered sugar and butter.

Stroopwafles are sooooo good — bet ya can't eat just one! The thin Dutch waffles are filled with a delicious caramel-like syrup. Whenever our friends (who hail from the Netherlands) visit their homeland, they bring us back these delicious little treats. FYI... packages of mini Stroopwafles are also available at Trader Joe's stores in the U.S.

World's Oldest Pancake House
Visit Oudt Leyden, the oldest Pancake House in the world (located in the historic city of Leiden) — it has served famous customers from around the globe, including Sir Winston Churchill and the Dalai Lama.



Amsterdam Pubs and Beer on Tap

Amsterdam Pubs
— Dutch Beer
Stop by a pub in Amsterdam for a pint... or two of their world-famous beers — Heineken and Grolsch.

Beer at an Amsterdam Pub

Heinekin Brewery
Visit the Heineken Brewery, located in the heart of Amsterdam and learn about the art of brewing beer... and more!

Coffee - Coffee Shops & "Pot" in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Coffee Shops & "Pot"
Don't be surprised if you catch a whiff of marijuana when visiting Amsterdam's coffee shops — even though cigarette smoking was banned in 2008, pot smoking is allowed. Enjoy your coffee and danish :)

Night Life in Amsterdam

Food, Wine & Nightlife
Food, Wine & Nightlife in Amsterdam

Fun Sightseeing Tours & Activities
Book Amsterdam Sightseeing, Day Trips and FUN Activities. Book ahead to save time and money!



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