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Natural Arches

If this is your first trip to Bermuda, we recommend you take a Taxi Tour of the historical town of
St. George's and Hamilton. This is a great way to see the island and it's not too expensive, especially if there are more than two of you sharing the taxi.

One of the attractions we wanted to see during our last visit to Bermuda was Natural Arches (top photo) — a Natural Wonder beach with the pinkest sand in Bermuda. Note: Natural Arches was destroyed following the devasting Hurricane Fabian in September 2003.

Taxis — with a Blue Flag
Look for the taxis sporting a Blue Flag — they are the "qualified" Tour Guides. Taxis charge by the hour and there's usually a three-hour minimum.

Our driver/guide, George — a native of Bermuda — was extremely knowledgeable and entertaining. We asked him for a more personalized "non-touristy, off-the-beaten-track" kind of tour...and got just that.



Fun Off-Site Event Locations
Charter an air-conditioned Taxi or take a Boat Cruise and enjoy a Private Island Tour for your Group. Or, rent a moped or bicycle for the day and tour Bermuda at your leisure.

Mopeds, Scooters & Bikes
Mopeds, scooters and bikes are another fun way to see the island. They're extremely popular here, especially as Bermuda does not allow rental cars, and the speed limit is only 20 mph.

Note: Bermuda is a British colony and, like Britain, driving is on the LEFT side.

Boat Tours
Take a Boat Tour or rent a small Boston Whaler (up to 4 people) and explore the island at your leisure.

More Info
Visit the following web sites for more information on Island Tours in Bermuda:

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