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China — Beijing Restaurants

China Club ****

China Club, Beijing, China

Cuisine: Asian Fusion

Description & Atmosphere
The China Club is a private club with locations in Beijing and Hong Kong — both venues are considered trendy nightspots.

Beijing's Toniest Hangout
The exclusive China Club
is located inside a beautifully decorated, 400-year old Qing dynasty palace, once home to Yuan Shikai, the President of the Republic of China.

Members of the exclusive China Club pay an initiation fee and annual dues to entertain themselves in a setting straight out of "The Last Emperor". The China Club offers a wonderful dining experience.

The food here is amazing! See Sample Chinese Banquet Menu below:

Appetizers & Soup
Vegetarian Roasted Duck
Shredded Chicken w/Sesame Sauce
Marinated Carrots
Bamboo Shoots & Black Mushrooms
Pickled Cabbage
Marinated Cucumbers
with Aged Orange Peel
Marinated Bean Sprouts
with Beancurd
Double Boiled Vegetable Soup with Yunnan Ham & Black Mushrooms

Main Course & Dessert
Peking Duck
Sauteed Prawns
with Garlic and Chili Sauce
Stir-fried String Beans with Garlic Braised Live Mandarin Fish
with Brown Sauce
Poached Fresh Asparagus
in Superior Soup
Fried Rice w/Egg White & Conpoy
Fried Pancake wrapped
with Red Bean Paste
Fresh Fruit Platter


Exclusive Event Venue
The China Club is an ideal setting for treating your VIPs and Top Performers to a sumptuous Chinese Banquet.

China Club Chinese Banquet, Beijing, China

Private Rooms and
Outdoor Courtyard
Private rooms are available for small and larger groups. The club's lovely outdoor courtyard is ideal for pre-dinner receptions.

China Club outdoor reception, Beijing, China

More Info
Contact your Tour Guide or Hotel Concierge about reserving a private room at the exclusive China Club.

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