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Beijing Opera

Chinese Opera performer applying make-up, Beijing Opera at Prince Gong's Mansion, Beijing, China

Prince Gong's Mansion
No. 14 LiuYin Street
West District, near Shichahai

Built in 1777, Prince Gong's Mansion was once home to He Shen, a favorite minister of emperor Qianlong during the Qing Dynasty. It was later granted to Prince Gong by Emperor Xianfeng. Today, Prince Gong's Mansion is home to the Beijing Opera.

Prince Gong's Mansion has three scenic spots: the Western Gate, the Chinese Garden (containing a stone tablet inscribed with the Chinese character "Fu," meaning blessing and happiness), and the Grand Opera Theater — where many Heads of States, envoys and tourists have enjoyed Beijing Opera.

Beijing Opera started around the beginning of the 19th century. It is very distinctive, combining songs, dialogue, mime, dance and acrobatics with colorful costumes and elaborate make-up.


Unique Entertainment
Treat your Group to a performance of Beijing Opera. The Opera Theater at Prince Gong's Mansion can hold up to 200 people. Tea is served during the show.

While this unique form of Chinese entertainment might not be your "cup of tea," it's worth seeing at least once.

Performances here run for approximately 1 1/4 hours — though traditional Chinese Operas (not catering to tourists) can last up to three hours.

Prior to attending a show, ask about dress requirements — some performances are more casual than others. Also note that seating is on rosewood chairs which can be a little uncomfortable. And depending on where you're sitting, views of the stage might be somewhat obstructed by the room's columns.

More Info
Arrange for your Tour Guide or Hotel Concierge to contact Prince Gong's Mansion for more information on opera performances and to make reservations.

(010)-66186628 or

(010)-66157670 or

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