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Shopping at Silk Market
(Xiu Shui) and Friendship Store

Silk Market (Xiu Shui) and Walking Street, Beijing, China

If you really want to get a feel of "bargain shopping" with the masses, plan a half-day trip to the infamous Silk Market (Xiu Shui), located in the heart of Beijing.

Stalls at Silk Market (Xiu Shui) , Beijing, China

This is a fun place to shop for silk clothing, t-shirts, cashmere sweaters and shawls, name-brand down jackets, leather goods, shoes, hats, handbags, pens, watches and jewelry — and exclusive designer knock-offs at very low prices!

Silk Market (Xiu Shui) , Beijing, China

Allow plenty of time to shop — afternoons are especially crowded, so try to arrive earlier in the day. However, if you want the best bargains of the day, the later you shop, the better. Besides shopping, the Silk Market is also a fun place to people-watch.


Shopping Tips
Be aware of pickpockets. As you can see from the photos on this page, it can get very crowded in the Silk Market.

Stalls at Silk Market (Xiu Shui) , Beijing, China

Don't wear a lot of jewelry — it's easier to bargain when you're not "dripping in jewels" and it's also a lot safer.

When making a purchase by cash, be sure to check your money carefully after receiving change to make sure the stall vendors aren't slipping you foreign bills and coins.

Bargain! Bargain! Bargain! 
Be prepared to bargain as you navigate your way down the crowded narrow streets. And be prepared to walk away — once or twice — to "think about a price." It's fun and you'll get some great deals!

Shopping at Silk Market (Xiu Shui) , Beijing, China
Wear comfortable shoes!

Before you leave your hotel, ask the Front Desk to write down the name, address and phone number of your hotel in Chinese. Also have them write down your destination in Chinese and show this to the taxi driver before setting off. Remember, not everyone speaks English.

Friendship Stores
Friendship Stores, located all over China, are well worth a visit. Stores offer a wide selection of merchandise. Shop for gifts and souvenirs — arts and crafts, jade, porcelain, cloisonne, lacquer ware, silk, linen, paintings, carpets...and more! Most prices are fixed, but it's worth bargaining if you are buying anything in quantity.

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