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Titans of Mavericks Award Ceremony and After Party

Titans of Mavericks Festival
The first Mavericks Invitation Festival was held on March 31, 2012 (the last day of the season). The outdoor festival was held at the Oceana Hotel & Spa at Harbor Village in Princeton Harbor, Half Moon Bay (located down the road from Mavericks and across from Jeff Clark's legendary Mavericks Surf Shop). Note: There was no festival held in 2015.

Festival Hours
Previous festivals began at 8am (same time as when the surf contest begins) until sunset. Surfing fans can watch (and listen to) all the action on a big-screen JumboTron. The festival includes live entertainment, a variety of food trucks, Mavericks merchandise, an awards ceremony... and a chance to meet the surfers who are taking part in the contest. Law Enforcement, Fire and Harbor Officials will also be on hand to provide crowd control.

NO Beach Access
In the past, spectators arrived early to climb the steep cliffs, bluffs and embankments to get a better view of the surfers as they competed — rogue waves injured 15 spectators on the beach during the 2010 Mavericks Surf Contest, causing serious injuries involving broken bones. To avoid a repeat of 2010's spectator injuries, there will be NO Beach Access any more.

Tickets to Mavericks Festival
Tickets to Mavericks Festival can be purchased online.
If you do go, be prepared to pay for parking. Note: You'll probably get a better view if you watch the competition via LIVE webcast on your computer screen. Click here for more info and to purchase tickets online

Special Festival
If Contest Does NOT Take Place

If the contest doesn't take place due to poor surf conditions, the tickets are nonrefundable but can be used at a Special Festival with the surfers that will be held on March 31st (the last day of the season).

Maverick Awards

The first-ever Mavericks Awards were held in 2012. The end-of-season awards ceremony are for the men and women who surf Mavericks and the fans who love to watch them.

Mavericks Festival Parking
Parking will be limited, so arrive early.

Parking is available at the Half Moon Bay Airport, along Hwy 1 or at select local areas. Walk-in or take a shuttle (if available). Free Bike Valet.

Half Moon Bay Airport Parking
(Google Map)



Big Wave Surfing

Surfers at Half Moon Bay, California

Surfing at Half Moon Bay, California

Big Wave Surfing

Maverick's Surfing Contest, Half Moon Bay Area



More Info
Mavericks Invitational Festival

Pillar Point Beach
near Half Moon Bay, CA

Mavericks Surf Contest

Mavericks History

Mavericks Winners

Mavericks Parking &
Directions (Google Map)


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