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Ocean Beach Bonfires
Tips and Important Information


Ocean Beach is San Francisco's largest beach and popular with sunbathers, picnickers and surfers alike. It is also a popular place to go on a nice day or night. Many San Franciscans go to Ocean Beach with their family and friends to build bonfires. This is a decades-old tradition.

The following is a list of important information that we researched to help you in planning a bonfire event on Ocean Beach. Please note that there are separate rules listed below for groups over 25 people — and special limitations:

Natl Park Service (Small Groups)
Nat'l Park Service (Large Groups)
Special Limitations

National Park Service
Ocean Beach Fire Policy

Small Groups (under 25 people)

  • Fires are only allowed in established fire pits
  • The pits are located between Lincoln Way & Fulton Street (directly west of Golden Gate Park). Click here to see Google Map of Ocean Beach area
  • The Fire Pits are specifically located between Stairwell 15 to 20.
  • All firewood must be brought into the park.
  • Wood fires only. No painted or chemically-treated wood, or driftwood, no nails and no pallets.
  • No glass containers are allowed.
  • Maximum fire size is 3 feet in diameter, and only in the official fire pits).
  • The Group is responsible for removal of all debris and equipment.
  • ALCOHOL IS NOT ALLOWED ON OCEAN BEACH. This includes the walkway and the seawall from the intersection of Lincoln Way north to the Cliff House.
  • Bring a bucket to put out fire. Fire shall be completely extinguished with water, using the "drown, stir and feel" method. Do NOT bury hot coals; buried coals are a safety hazard.
  • Fire shall be attended at all times by a responsible adult (21 and older).
  • No amplified sound is permitted.
  • Affixing signs to existing buildings, property, signs, poles, and plants is prohibited.
  • Marking park property or grounds with flour, chalks, inks, or paints is prohibited.
  • No camping or erection of tents, canopies or other similar structures.
  • Parking lot between Lincoln & Fulton is property of the City & County of San Francisco. Cars may not park in this lot after 10:00 p.m.


Large Groups (25+)
and Fee Permits

  • Fire gatherings of more than 25 people require a special use permit.
  • Only one or two permits are issued per day.
  • Call 415-561-4300 to apply.
  • Administrative cost is $50 and good for only one day.
  • Important: The permit does not guarantee a fire pit use. It is still first-come first-serve.
  • Go early to claim your space.

Special Limitations

  • No fires-even if previously permitted--will be allowed on "Spare the Air" days or on days of extreme fire danger.
  • No children are allowed to attend a beach party after 10pm; they will be fined if they are anywhere near a Burning Fire Pit on a "Spare the Air" day.

Ocean Beach Fire Pits in San Francisco

Ocean Beach, San Francisco, California

San Francisco Ocean Beach View

Ocean Beach Bonfires San Francisco

Ocean Beach San Francisco

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Ocean Beach Map Info
Click here to see Google Map of Ocean Beach area

National Park Service
Golden Gate Naional Park

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Ocean Beach
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Ocean Beach Sun and Sand

View from the Ocean Beach




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