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NASA Space Robots

NASA has been aggressively developing Robots for future Space missions. Robots will be used in Space to replace and support men and Women during future travels.

What is a Robonaut?
(NASA Description)

A Robonaut is a dexterous humanoid robot built and designed at NASA Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas.

Their challenge was to build machines that can help humans work and explore in space. Working side by side with humans, or going where the risks are too great for people.

Robonauts will expand our ability for construction and discovery. Central to that effort is a capability NASA calls dexterous manipulation, embodied by an ability to use one's hand to do work, and their challenge has been to build machines with dexterity that exceeds that of a suited astronaut.
Robonaut Main Website

Robonaut R2 Video

Space Robots from NASA - So long KSC and R2B

Head shot

Robonaut - Self conscious robot?

Robonaut Space Robot Reading a Magazine -Self conscious robot?

Robonaut R2 Space Robot Looking at its twin

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