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Star Trek Conventions and Expos
— FUN for Trekkies!

Star Trek Conventions & Expos
If you're a "Trekkie" you won't want to miss one of the many FUN Star Trek Conventions and Expos taking place every year around the U.S. "The Official Star Trek Convention" in Las Vegas is one of the most popular in the nation.

Official Star Trek Website

"Star Trek" the Movie 2009
— Best Sci-Fi movie of 2009!

UFO (Flying Saucer)

The Truth Is Out There
If you're a UFO-enthusiast or have any interest in Area 51, Aliens, UFOs, Alien Abductions, Alien Encounters, Crop Circles, Mind Control, Earth Mysteries, The Lost City of Atlantis, UFOs, Predictions, Government Cover-Ups, Conspiracy Theories and more... don't miss "The Bay Area UFO Expo." It takes place every year in Silicon Valley, California.

Fun Alien/UFO/Area 51 Gifts
"Alien Face" Gifts
"Alien Couple" Gifts
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Area 51 Gifts
UFO Gifts

Fun UFO & Alien Gifts

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Click Here to Buy Alien Posters 

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and Flashing Pins

Area 51 & Rachel, Nevada

Area 51
Little A'Le'Inn, Rachel, NV

UFO Files Released by the
UK Government

UK National Archives

National UFO Reporting Center
National UFO Reporting Center

Outer Space & Tourism
- including Virgin Galactic

Hubble Telecope

Bay Area UFO Expo

UFO & Alien Products

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