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UFO Expos, Symposiums & Festivals around the world
UFO Expos, Symposiums and Festivals around the world have featured a variety of topics, including: UFO's, ETs, Alien Encounters, Earth Mysteries, Crop Circles, Conspiracies, Nostradamus, Atlantis, Big Foot, Outer Space, Prophecies, Predictions, Government Cover-Ups... and more!


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UFO Festival

UFO Con in San Jose, CA Area - Last San Jose Event was in 2012
If you're a UFO-enthusiast or have any interest in Aliens, UFO's Abductions, Alien Encounters, Crop Circles, Area 51, Earth Mysteries, Atlantis, Government Cover-Ups, Hidden Agendas and Conspiracy Theories, you won't want to miss thenext Bay Area's "UFO CON" — the companion conference to Conspiracy Con (CON CON). The last conference was on September 15-16, 2012. The website is not available at this time.

UFO CON Special Guests, Speakers & Lectures
The lastUFO CON featured two very special guests — Sean David Morton (Banquet Host & Roaster and Speakers Panel Moderator) and John B. Wells (Saturday Night Host of Coast to Coast AM).

Other Special Guests included: Russell Targ (The Father of Remote Viewing) — we had the pleasure of hearing Russell speak at EastWest Bookstore in Mountain View earlier this year and he's fascinating! Russell and Bernard "Bernie" Mendez will be onsite for autographs, interviews, networking and more!

UFO CON also featured 13 prominent speakers, including: Andrew D. Basiago, Kim Carlsberg, Douglas Dietrich, Richard Dolan, Harry Drew, Laura Eisenhower, Jordan Maxwell, Christopher O'Brien, Michael Schratt, Derrel Sims, Ruben Uriate, Les Velez, and Alfred Labremont Webre. Robert Perala is Master of Ceremonies. Speakers' Presentations run 75 minutes.

Exhibit Room was open to the public from 8am-8pm on Saturday and Sunday. The Sunday Speakers Panel was open to the public at no charge.

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Little A'Le'Inn @ Rachel

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National UFO Reporting Center

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