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Barbecue (BBQ) Grilling Classes
— FREE BBQ Mini-Workshops
— Weber Video Classes
— BBQ & Cooking Classes in the U.S.

It's hard to find good BBQ Grilling Classes in your own city. In our search for BBQ classes, we found FREE Video Mini-Workshops that we thought you would enjoy and find helpful. We've also listed several of the Top Cooking Schools around the country that offer, or have hosted BBQ Grilling Classes. Have FUN and enjoy your Grilling this year!

FREE BBQ Mini-Workshops
Watch and learn from the experts. We collected our Top Five FREE BBQ Grilling Videos on the following web page:
BBQ Grilling (YouTube) Videos

Weber Grilling Classes
Weber has teamed up with some of the finest BBQ Grilling Experts in the U.S. to create FREE BBQ Grilling Mini-Workshops on the Web. Enjoy fun "hands-on" Cooking Tips anytime.
Note: You must register to watch the video training.
Weber Nation Free Video Training

Don't forget to periodically check the Weber web site for city tours (with classes or events) that you can attend to learn how to improve your BBQ Grilling. Weber Main Website

Cooking Schools
— BBQ Grilling Classes & Cooking Classes
— Hands-On Classes & Demo Classes

Some Cooking Schools will only provide BBQ Cooking Classes during certain times of the year; some schools will discontinue BBQ Classes without notice.

Please check their web sites for schedule information. Grilling Classes are very popular and space is limited. Scroll down for a list of California and U.S. Cooking Schools.

California (San Francisco Bay Area)

— Sausalito
Cavallo Point Cooking School
Cavullo Point @ Fort Baker, Sausalito, CA
- Hands-On Cooking Classes & Demo Classes
(innovative seasonal cooking classes, focusing on the SF Bay Area sustainable culinary movement)

— San Francisco
Tante Marie's Cooking School

— SF Peninsula
Draeger's Cooking School
San Mateo on SF Peninsula, CA

— Napa Valley Wine Country
Culinary Institute of America (CIA)
St. Helena, Napa Valley, CA
- Hands-On Cooking Classes & Cooking Demos

— Sonoma Wine Country
Ramekins Sonoma Valley Culinary School
Sonoma, CA
Cooking Classes & Private Cooking Classes

Cook Street School of Fine Cooking

Weber Grill Restaurant

New York City
The French Culinary Experience
at the International Culinary Center


BraVo! Restaurant

Nothing To It! Culinary Center

Mustard Seed Market's Cooking School

Moose's Barbecue Classes

Dr BBQ Cooking Classes
Ray Lampe (Dr. BBQ) is Grilling and Teaching all over the country. His web site is fun and he may have cooking classes in your area. He also may be available for private classes... at the right price :)
More Info on Dr BBQ Classes


Recommended BBQ Books
If you don't have time for Cooking Classes, buy a classic BBQ Book and learn at your own pace and time.
Recommended BBQ Books

Great BBQ Cooking Classes
Tips Wanted!

Inspire others with Your BBQ Cooking Class Tips. 
Give us your Feedback
on your BBQ Tips

We will incorporate (as appropriate) the Best Cooking Class Tips on our web site for our readers.

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BBQ Main Tips
BBQ Accessories
BBQ Aprons
BBQ Books
BBQ Classes
BBQ Applications
BBQ Video Tips
Top 10 BBQ Joints





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