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Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon



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Sedona's Hiking Trails

Alana exploring Sedona's ancient Indian Ruins and Caves

Sedona's Hiking Trails
There are numerous hiking trails along the walls of Boynton Canyon. As a guest of the Enchantment Resort, you have easy and private access to these trails.

Explore ancient Indian Ruins. Allow at least an hour for this relatively unmarked trail. It winds 600 feet up to the mountain, leading to Native American Ruins and Caves.

The climb uphill is a little challenging, but when you reach the top and enter the cave, the view is spectacular. Take some time to meditate inside the Indian Ruins or on one of the ledges overlooking the canyon.


The Apache believe that this canyon is where the first woman mated with the sun to start the human race. It has been home to several Indian tribes since before the dawn of recorded time.

Boynton Canyon's Main trailis an easier, safer hike. It's about 40 minutes of flat walking, then between one-four hours back into the canyon fromthere.

Oak Creek Canyon has several interesting hiking trails. The most popular is the six-mile round-trip hike up the West Fork of Oak Creek.

Wear comfortable hiking shoes and carry plenty of water.

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