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Mystical Vortexes

Bell Rock, a spiritual vortex of the Southwest, is one of Sedona's most popular tourist attractions

Mystical Vortexes
Many curious and so-called "New Age" visitors are drawn to Sedona because of its four mystical vortexes.

A vortex is an energy field on the earth's surface. Vortexes are electrical or magnetic in nature. They are believed to have either an energizing or calming effect, and stimulate the mental activity and spiritual awareness in those able to tap into the vortex energy.

We visited all four of the mystical vortexes — Bell Rock, Cathedral Rock, Airport Mesa and Boynton Canyon.


Bell Rock
Bell Rock (photo left) — a "spiritual vortex" of the Southwest — is one of Sedona's most popular tourist attractions. It is one of the first rock formations that you'll see as you're driving into Sedona.

Hike one of the trails leading up to Bell Rock for a truly energizing experience — it contains electric energy that boosts emotional and spiritual energy.

Cathedral Rock
Cathedral Rock is the most photographed rock in Sedona. It contains magnetic energy that is good for relaxation.

Airport Mesa
Airport Mesa vortex contains electric energy that will give you a spiritual, emotional and physical uplift. Wait until you see the stunning views from the top of this vortex — especially at sunset!

Boynton Canyon
Boynton Canyon , the most powerful vortex, is also one of the most beautiful in Sedona. It is considered an electromagnetic energy site which means it has a balance of energy.


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