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Key West, Florida Keys
Key West Attractions

Key West Treasure-Hunting
— Shipwreck of the Century
— Hitting the Motherlode


Millions of dollars worth of sunken treasure is just waiting to be found in the wrecks off the coast of Key West. The waters in this area are notoriously treacherous and many ships have sunk after hitting the reefs below — never to be seen again.

Shipwreck of the Century
One of the most famous ships to sink in these waters was the Nuestra Senora de Atocha (Our Lady of Atocha). It was part of a fleet of Spanish ships that was lost during a hurricane in 1622. For nearly four centuries, her treasures of gold, silver and jewels lay scattered across the ocean floor — until they were discovered in 1985 by the Fisher family (American treasure hunters).



Key West Beach

Hitting the Motherlode
The Fisher's hit the wreck's motherlode — it was the richest treasures found since the opening of King Tut's Tomb.

Their haul included hundreds of coins, gold and silver bars, chains, gold chalices, silverware, gems, and jewelry estimated at $1/2 billion, just a fraction of what still lies beneath the sea.

Mel Fisher Museum
The Mell Fisher Museum houses $450 million in sunken treasure recovered off the coast of Key West.

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