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Graceland — Memphis, TN
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Elvis's Custom Jets

Elvis's Custom Jets Tour is a relatively self-paced tour that begins in a re-created '70s airline terminal. Prior to the tour, there's
a short video on the history of Elvis's planes.

Hound Dog 11 Lockheed JetStar
Lisa Marie Jet
"Flying Graceland"
Take a short walk outside and peer into Elvis's small Hound Dog II Lockheed JetStar custom plane. Then climb aboard the luxurious Lisa Marie Jet, named after Elvis's daughter and referred to as his "flying Graceland."



Video monitors are strategically
set up in the plane to guide you through your tour of the living room, conference room, sitting room, private bedroom and bathrooms. Note the seatbelt around the double bed — it has
to be the biggest seatbelt we've ever seen!

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