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Museum of Sex

Museum of Sex, New York City

Museum of Sex
Only in New York! If you're reasonably broadminded and want to experience a unique museum, then this is the place for you. Note: No Minors, you have to be an Adult (18+) to enter the Museum.

Museum of Sex - Parental Advisory, Explicit Content

It will definitely give you something to talk about with your friends when you get back home!

Museum of Sex poster in window

Museum of Sex sign in lobby - Please do not touch, lick, stroke or mount the exhibits

The sign pictured above is the very first thing that you see before you walk into the museum. This sets the tone for your visit.

Sun-Fri 11am-6:30pm
(last ticket sold at 5:45pm)

Sat 11am-8pm
(last ticket sold at 7:15pm)

Closed Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day

Admission fee
Adults 18+
Group Visits are also available

Purchase Advance Tickets online. Advance or day-of-visit tickets may also be purchased or reserved without a service charge in the Museum Lobby.

Ticket sales by phone:

Gift Shop
Pick up a souvenir of your museum visit — books, T-shirts and more!

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The mission of the Museum of Sex is to preserve and present the history, evolution, and cultural significance of human sexuality.

Three Main Sections
There are Three Main Sections in the museum, plus a Gift Store.

The First Section features the History of Nudity and Art. Pictures, posters and historical content line the walls (photo below).
Note: Changing Exhibit

This section of the museum features nudity and art

The Second Section (on the 2nd floor) is a multi-media area featuring old "graphic" black-and-white film clips projected onto giant blocks on the floor of a darkened room (photo below).

Exhibit inside the Museum of Sex, New York City

Witness the underground evolution of the sex-film industry as the Museum of Sex recaptures the clandestine celluloid of the twentieth century.
Note: Changing Exhibit

Current Museum Exhibit

The Third Section
features the museum's "Permanent Collection." It covers many aspects of human sexuality, but the vast majority of items reflect America's changing attitudes about sex and sexuality over the last 250 years.

The collection features Sex Education, Sex in Advertising and American Technology, Photography, Books, Sex Exhibits, and Sexual Paraphernalia.

She looks real...but she's NOT. This is one of the exhibits featured in the Permanent Collection.

She looks real, but she's NOT! These are several of the exhibits featured in the Museum's Permanent Collection.

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Exhibit at Museum of Sex, New York City

More Info
Museum of Sex

233 Fifth Avenue
@ 27th Street, NY

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