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Paradise Island, Bahamas

Nassau and area Attractions
Water Sports & Boat Tours

Exuma Power Boat Adventures in Nassau

Fun Nassau Cruises
& Water Tours
Cruises, Sailing & Water Tours

Snorkel Bahamas Adventure - Fun Bahamas Tours from Nassau

Fun Nassau Water Sports
FUN Nassau Water Sports

  • Exuma Power Boat Adventure
  • Rose Island Robinson Crusoe Cruise
  • Nassau Snorkel Bahamas Adventure
  • Nassau SUB Bahamas Adventure
  • Resort Diving Course
    in Nassau
  • Nassau Shark Adventure
  • 2-Tank Dive Trip
    from Nassau

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Scuba Diving, Reef Snorkeling, Power Boats, and Sailing Tours
Take an adventurous Scuba Diving or Reef Snorkeling Tour and explore the Bahamas natural coral reefs and amazing marine life. Enjoy a thrilling high speed Power Boat ride or a Sailing Catamaran Tour around the surrounding islands of the Bahamas.

Bahamas Dive Sites
Popular dive sites in the Bahamas include the area south of New Providence and Nassau. A number of wrecks were placed on the bottom as underwater sets for numerous Hollywood movies, including "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea," "Jaws - The Revenge" and popular James Bond films - "Thunderball," "For Your Eyes Only" and "Never Say Never Again." The picturesque Thunderball and Cannonball Reefs have also been featured in several James Bond movies.

The framework of a fighter plane that passed as the Vulcan Bomber from "Thunderball" and the vessel Tears of Allah from "Never Say Never Again" are still popular dive sites.

Other wrecks here include the Willaurie, a 130-ft. freighter sunk in 55 feet of water in 1989 - a popular spot for night dives due to the large population of Trumpetfish and Orange Cup Corals- and the Sea Viking, a 60-ft. commercial fishing boat that sits upright in 65 feet of water.

The area south of Grand Bahama is also rich with wrecks and remain popular dive sites.

More Info
Bahamas Diving Association
and Diving Sites

SUB Scenic Underwater
Bubble Personal Submarine

Take a thrilling underwater submarine ride.

SUB Scenic Underwater Bubble Personal Submarine, Nassau Water Sports, Paradise Island, New Providence Island, Bahamas

The SUB is like a self-contained underwater motorcycle with a large 2-ft. clear dome that keeps your head perfectly dry throughout your ride around the underwater reefs. You breath normally, through your nose and mouth, without the need of snorkel tubes or diving regulators. The seahorse-shaped submarine propels you at a depth of 15 feet around the coral reef and alongside tropical fish at a speedy two knots. No scuba or snorkeling experience necessary.

Book FUN Nassau SUB Bahamas Adventure and Nassau Water Sports

Blue Lagoon Island
Dolphin Swim
Dolphin Swim

Swim with the Dolphins on Blue Lagoon Island, Bahamas

Glass-Bottom Boat Tour
See all that a scuba diver sees without getting wet. Get an up-close look at beautiful coral reefs and tropical fish aboard a Glass-Bottom Boat. Check with your Hotel Concierge or Cruise Ship Director regarding Glass Bottom Boat Tours.

Sunset Cruises
Seahorse Sailing Adventures

Sailing Charters
Amarok Sailing Charters

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Check with your Hotel Concierge or Cruise Ship Director regarding Glass Bottom Boat Tours, Scuba Diving Tours, Snorkeling Tours, Catamaran Sailing Tours, Sunset Cruises, Power Boat Tours, Sailing Charters, Blue Lagoon Island Tours, Stingray City, Dolphin Swims, and schedules and prices.

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