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China — Beijing Attractions

Tiananmen Square

Tian'anmen Square, (Tiananmen Square), Beijing, China

Tiananmen Square
— World's Largest City Square
Tiananmen Square is located in the heart of Beijing. Covering 98 acres, it is the largest public square in the world — big enough to hold up to one million people. Needless to say, it's a great place for people-watching.

Gate of Heavenly Peace
also referred to as Tian'anmen Gate, is located on the north side of the square. It was here on October 1, 1949 that Chairman Mao proclaimed the founding of the new China. You can't miss his gigantic portrait on top of the gate — underneath it is the entrance to the Forbidden City.

Museum of Chinese History and the Museum of the Revolution — both buildings are located on the east side of Tian'anmen Square.

Great Hall of the People
China's National Hall of Congress is housed here, on the west side of the square.

The Monument of the People's Heroes commemorates many of the uprisings that took place in China's history. It dominates the center of Tian'anmen Square.

Chairman Mao's Mausoleum
Located at the south end of the square, Chairman Mao Memorial Hall is where the body of Chairman Mao Tse Tung lies in state.

Book Tiananmen Square "Combo" Tours
including Great Wall of China, Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven and the Summer Palace


Tiananmen Square
" Combo Tours"
departing from Beijing

Tiananmen Square
"Combo" Tours

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  • Beijing Essential Full Day Tour including Great Wall at Badaling, Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square
  • Beijng Historical Tour including Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square and Temple of Heaven

Historical Moments at
Tiananmen Square

Tian'anmen Square (Tiananmen Square) at night with colored fountains to celebrate National Day, Beijing, China

October 1949 — the inauguration ceremony of the People's Republic of China.

September 1976 — one million people gathered here to pay tribute to Chairman Mao upon his death.

June 4, 1989 — a dark day in China's history as the world watched events unfold on television. During a massive demonstration for democratic reform, the government sent in troops and tanks to remove thousands of protesting students, many of which were massacred.

July 1, 1997 — National celebration for the return of Hong Kong from the British to Chinese sovereignty.

October 1, 1999 — 50th Anniversary of the birth of the People's Republic of China.

October 1-7th — National Day China celebrates a 7-day-long holiday. The square is filled with flowers as thousands of people come here from all over China and around the world.

Tian'anmen Square during National Day holiday, Beijing, China

Tiananmen Square Hours
Open daily
Free Admission

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