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China — Guilin Attractions
Fubo Hill

View of Guilin and Li River from the top of Fubo Hill, Guilin, China

Fubo Hill
Climb to the summit of Fubo Hill — it's about 320 steps up to the top...and 320 steps down again — for superb views of Guilin, the surrounding countryside and its scenic Li River.

View of Guilin from top of Fubo Hill, Guilin, China

Fubo Hill stands half on water and half on land. Its steps are quite steep and there's no easy (or fast) way up...or down. Bring bottled water to keep you hydrated.

Camel resting at base of Fubo Hill, Guilin, China


Buddha carvings on walls in Fubo Hill, Guilin, China

Thousand-Buddha Cave
The base of Fubo Hill houses the "Thousand-Buddha Cave" featuring extraordinary Buddhist carvings on the walls (photo below).

Fubo Hill caves, Guilin, China

Other Fubo Hill highlights include "Pearl Returning Cave" (also known as "Fubo Cave") and the impressive "Sword-Testing Rock" — a sword-shape rock hangs from the ceiling, nearly touching the ground.


Fubo Hill "Combo" Tours
departing from Guilin

Other Tour highlights include visits to Reed Flute Cave, Elephant Hill and more!

Full-Day Tour
Guilin Full-Day Tour including Fubo Hill, Reed Flute Cave, Elephant Hill and Seven Star Park

Half-Day Tour
Guilin Half-Day Tour including Li River, Reed Flute Cave and Elephant Hill

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