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Children's Palace

Gifted Ballerinas at Children's Palace, Shanghai, China

Following the Cultural Revolution, Children's Palaces were created all over China, providing after-school education for Gifted Children.

Children attend and study Dance, Theater, Music, Computer Science, Technology and other arts.

Founded in 1953, this Children's Palace is located at 64 West Yanan Road in central Shanghai.



Fun Off-Site Events
Arrange for a Private Tour of the Children's Palace and see a variety of classes or attend special performances.

Children's Palace, Shanghai, China

We peeked inside one of the Ballet Classes (photo left). It's amazing what flexibility and talent these little kids possess. We were also impressed with the high quality of the childrens' display of Oriental paintings and calligraphy lining the building's hallway walls.

More Info
Check with your Tour Guide or Hotel Concierge for more information on the Children's Palace in Shanghai.

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