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Royal Standard
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The Royal Standard of England

Brindle Lane, Forty Green, Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire
+44 1494-673382 (Intl)

The Royal Standard of England is the oldest free house in England — for over 9 centuries (900 years) it has been serving the public. It's our favorite English Pub bar none. When you step inside the Royal Standard, you can really "feel" its history. Part of the original site — built in 1066 — still stands today.

The King Charles Room features a Buffet Bar. Enjoy a variety of English dishes, including Homemade Breads and Savory Pies, and a wonderful selection of British and European cheeses. Click here to see more Pub Food pictures.

Famous "Owd Roger Ale"
The Royal Standard has a full Bar (below). If you're feeling adventurous, t
ry a pint of their famous Owd Roger — a strong sweet-tasting Ale that has been brewed originally at the Inn, from a recipe handed down from Landlord-to-Landlord for over 400 years.

Bar at the Royal Standard of England Pub


Stained Glass at the Royal Standard of England Pub. Dating back to 1066, it's the oldest free house in England.

Fun Event Location
If you're venturing outside of London and are looking for a unique, Old Country Pub, The Royal Standard is a fun place to visit. Its private room (below) is ideal for smaller groups and parties with children.

Family reunion at The Royal Standard of England Pub Private Party Room

Besides the main dining area (below) the pub also features a cozy room with a fireplace located just off the bar.

The Royal Standard of England Pub Dining Room

Beer Garden and Outdoor Dining
Dine al fresco — the Beer Garden (below) is a ideal for smaller Private Group Events.

The Royal Standard of England Pub Beer Garden

The Royal Standard of England pub is located in Beaconsfield, about 45 minutes from London — it's a picturesque drive through narrow country roads.

Open daily 11am-midnight
(including Christmas Day)

Food Served 12 noon-10pm daily

More Info
The Royal Standard
+44 1494-673382

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