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The Stinking Rose ***


Cuisine: Californian/Italian

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Description & Atmosphere
If you love garlic, you'll love The Stinking Rose. Their motto is "We Season Our Garlic With Food!" And that's exactly what they do! If you'd prefer no garlic, they offer selected Vampire meals, as well as vegetarian dishes.

Kick off your meal with the sensational Oven-Roasted Garlic appetizer served in an iron skillet — a perfect spread on their fresh house-backed focaccia bread. Enjoy delcious Cracked Crab, Shrimp and Mussels smothered in garlic — OMG! Pastas are remarkably good here. Ditto the Pizzas (on the small side). And the Forty Clove Garlic Chicken is a must for "chicken lovers" — roasted on the bone with Garlic Mashed Potatoes, it's an outstanding entrée. Garlic Roasted Prime Rib can also be ordered by the cut or slab. Save room for dessert — the Tiramisu is yummy!

Stinking Rose Bar
During peak times, the Stinking Rose Bar is fun, loud and great for people-watching.

Fun Dining Areas
In addition to two main dining areas (and full bar), there are several unique dining rooms — we like the Celestial Room (the most romantic) and the Chianti Room (named for the hundreds of Chianti bottles that line the ceiling).

Celestial Room
Dine in relative privacy in the romantic Celestial Room — perfect for intimate dining with someone special.

The Stinking Rose in North Beach San Francisco, CA

Chianti Room
Dine by candle-light in the cozy Chianti Room, surrounded by hundreds of pictures on the walls and Chianti Bottles overhead — it's a unique and fun setting.

The Chianti Room in The Stinking Rose North Beach Garlic Food

Casual Lunches & Meetings
Located in the heart of North Beach, The Stinking Rose is one of the most popular neighborhood restaurants. It's an ideal locale for enjoying lots of garlic-flavored food with family or friends — it's a fun place for business lunches or casual dinner meetings too!

Private Party Rooms
Banquet facilities at The Stinking Rose can accommodate 10-60 guests. During 11am-4:30 pm, the restaurant can accommodate 10-250 guests.

Garlic Gift Store
After dinner, on your way out, browse through the restaurant's Garlic Gift Store — it offers an extensive selection of FUN Gifts, T-shirts and food items. Treat your dog to a "Stinkers" Garlic Dog Biscotti… and don't forget the mints afterwards.

Open daily 11am-11pm

The Stinking Rose is a very popular North Beach Restaurant. We advise you to make reservations using OpenTable above.

Street parking
and a nearby parking garage.

Friendly service.

Moderately priced.

More Info
The Stinking Rose

325 Columbus Avenue
between Vallejo & Broadway

Google Map

Check out the "Little Stinker" Garlic T-Shirts at the Stinking Rose Garlic Gift Store

Sister Restaurants
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The Stinking Rose Restaurant in North Beach San Francisco

Rick and Adam dining at The Stinking Rose in San Francisco

A Man and his Garlic Food in The Stinking Rose Restaurant in North Beach San Francisco, CA

Garlic Seafood at the Stinking Rose in San Francisco, CA North Beach

We Season our Garlic with Food at The Stinking Rose San Francisco, CA

Seafood with Garlic at the Stinking Rose North Beach

The Bar at the Stinking Rose North Beach San Francisco, CA

Check out the "Little Stinker" Garlic T-Shirts at the Stinking Rose Garlic Gift Store

The Stinking Rose in San Francisco

The Stinking Rose Bar

The Stinking Rose in North Beach San Francisco, CA

The Stinking Rose in North Beach San Francisco, CA

The Stinking Rose Chianti Room in North Beach San Francisco, CA


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