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Cable Cars
— Cable Car Turnarounds/Routes
— Cable Car Bell-Ringing Contest
— Cable Car Museum

San Francisco Cable Cars
— Fun Tourist Attraction

No trip to San Francisco would be complete without a ride on a San Francisco Cable Car — they're a San Francisco institution... and a lot of FUN, especially on the hills!

Sit on the cable car's outer bench seats or stand outside at each end for the best views of the city — and hold on tight! We like standing at the back of the cable car — this is where the gripman operates a crank for the rear wheel brakes.

Cable Car Turnarounds
The Cable Car Turnarounds are located at Aquatic Park — opposite Ghirardelli Square on Beach Street, at Bay & Taylor — and in the center of town, near Union Square, at Powell & Market. You can also hop on a Cable Car at selected stops along its three routes.

Cable Car Routes
At Powell and Market streets, the cable car turnaround serves as the beginning stop for two lines — the Powell-Mason and Powell-Hyde lines.

Powell-Mason Line
The Powell-Mason line begins at the Powell/ Market turnaround, and runs from there, up and over Nob Hill, and down to Bay Street at Fisherman's Wharf.

Powell-Hyde Line
The Powell-Hyde line runs over Nob and Russian hills, before ending at Aquatic Park near Ghiradelli Square.

Both lines end near Fisherman's Wharf, but at different areas.

California Street Line
The California Street line runs
East-West from the Financial District, through Chinatown, over Nob Hill and stops at Van Ness Avenue.

Cable Car Bell-Ringing Contest
The Cable Car Bell-Ringing Contest is held each summer in San Francisco's Union Square. Come and cheer on the Cable Car Gripmen as they compete for the title of "World Champion Cable Car Bell-Ringer."

Cable Car Museum
The very first Cable Car was invented by Andrew Hallidie in 1873. Before Cable Cars, horse drawn cars were used for transportation in San Francisco. But, horses were expensive to care for and couldn't climb many of the city's steep hills. Another problem, was the disposal of tons of horse manure in the streets. The introduction of the cable cars solved many of those problems — and today they are one of the city's most popular tourist attractions.

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Cable Car Museum

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SF Cable Car Web Site
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Cable Cars crossing each other in Union Square, San Francisco

Cable Car on Cable Car Turnaround at Powell & Market, near Union Square, San Francisco

Tourists boarding Cable Car near Union Square, San Francisco. Stand on either end of Cable Car for the best views of the city

Tourists boarding Cable Car near Union Square, San Francisco

Cable Car leaving Turnaround in San Francisco

Click here for more info and photos of the Cable Car Museum, San Francisco, CA

Cable Car turning on Cable Car Turnaround at Powell & Market, near Union Square, San Francisco

Tourists wait in line as Cable Car leaves Turnaround at Powell & Market Streets in San Francisco

Powell & Market to Beach & Hyde via Washington & Jackson Cable Car, San Francisco, California

Cable Cars

Motorized Cable Cars/Tours

Cable Car Museum,
Barn & Powerhouse

Cable Car Bell-Ringing Contest

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