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San Francisco Attractions
Golden Gate Bridge
- Golden Gate Bridge Info & Trivia
- Bridge Pavilion Visitor Plaza

- Best View from Marine Headlands
- Lone Sailor Memorial
- Vista Point

World-Famous Golden Gate Bridge
The world-famous Golden Gate Bridge links San Francisco with Marin County — it offers some of the most stunning views of San Francisco and its sailboat-filled bay.

Opened to pedestrians on May 27, 1937 — and to automobiles the next day, the Golden Gate Bridge is visited by millions of tourists every year. Painted an International Orange, it is the "world's most recognizable bridge" — and one of the most popular on the planet.

Did you know that 10 million walkers and cyclists annually cross the Golden Gate Bridge? If you plan to walk or cycle across the bridge, be sure to dress warmly. Wear layers — it can get chilly if it's foggy or windy, even in the summer. As Mark Twain was once quoted as saying "The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco!"

The span was built to withstand 27-foot side-to-side sways and move up and down by as much as 10 feet — and seismic retrofitting should help the bridge endure an 8.3 earthquake.


Bridge Pavilion Visitor Plaza
A new Bridge Pavilion Visitor Plaza is located at the southern end of the span, near the statue of Joseph Strauss (Chief Engineer of the Golden Gate Bridge). The Pavilion provides visitor info, gifts and memorabilia, and houses interesting exhibits — it's open 9am-6pm. Parking is limited.

50th Anniversary "Bridge Walk"
We participated in the infamous 50th Anniversary "Bridge Walk" in May 1987, when the bridge was closed to traffic. Over 800,000 people from around the world (including my family from London) crowded onto the bridge that day — and yes, it was a little scary with so many pedestrians jammed together and nowhere to move. Infact, the arch in the roadway actually flattened under the weight of so many people. But what FUN — it's a day that we'll never forget!

Vista Point
Scenic Vista Point areas are located at each end of the Golden Gate Bridge — park, enjoy the view, and snap photos. Two new Visa Points are being planned for the future. New overlooks and trails can be found in the adjacent Golden Gate National Parks.

Lone Sailor Memorial
Visit the new Lone Sailor Memorial — the 7-foot Bronze Statue (pictured near bottom right) is located at the northern end of the Bridge, at Vista Point. During the evening, the memorial is softly illuminated. The plaque at the entrance reads "Here the sailor feels the first long roll of the sea, the beginning of the endless horizon that leads to the far Pacific." Another small plaque describes the monument "Dedicated to the ordinary Sailors and Marines who sailed from this place and did their duty."


Marin Headlands
— Best View of Golden Gate Bridge

The Marin Headlands is our favorite place to get a bird's eye view of the Golden Gate Bridge and beautiful San Francisco skyline. It's the number one place we take all our out-of-town guests on a sunny day.

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"75th Anniversary"
Golden Gate Festival & Fireworks

May 27, 2012 marked the 75th Anniversary of the Golden Gate Bridge. Celebrations included a fun Golden Gate Festival at various locations in San Francisco — Crissy Field, Fort Point, Marina Green and The Presidio. Events were also be held at Fort Mason Center, Ghirardelli Square, San Francisco Maritime National Historic Park, and along the waterfront at Fisherman's Wharf and Pier 39. There was NO Bridge Walk for the 75th Anniversary.

Fun 75th Anniversary events included:

  • International Orange Artists' Exhibition
  • Vintage Maritime Display & Historic Waterfront Parade (classic boats spanning 25 years)
  • USS Nimitz (US Navy aircraft carrier, one of the largest warships in the world) making a dramatic entrance under the Golden Gate Bridge into SF Bay
  • Road Trip thru' History (vintage cars and motorcycles from 1937 to present day)
  • Crissy Field Future Fair
  • Live Entertainment
  • Spectacular Fireworks & Light Show (one of the highlights for us was watching the fireworks waterfall flowing over the entire deck of the Golden Gate Bridge. It was surreal — we've never seen anything like it before!

Celebratory events went on throughout the year to commemorate the bridge's 75th Anniversary.


75th Anniversary

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Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, CA

San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge at Sunset from the Marin Headlands in Marin County

Golden Gate Bridge with fog covering on a warm sunny day - view from Crissy Field, San Francisco, California

Sailing under the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco

Golden Gate Bridge - view from Crissy Field walking path in San Francisco, CA

Golden Gate Bridge view from Crissy Field Beach in San Francisco

View of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco

View of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco

Golden Gate Bridge view from sandy Baker Beach, San Francisco, California

Lone Sailor Memorial

View of Golden Gate Bridge (and 75th Anniversary flags), San Francisco, CA

Golden Gate Bridge view from Baker Beach, San Francisco, California


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