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Mavericks Surf Contest
Mavericks Big-Wave Invitational

Mavericks Invitational

This year's contest "waiting period" opens November 1st and runs thru' March 31st. Mavericks Invitational (Surfing Contest) takes place at Pillar Point, Half Moon Bay, CA.

Mavericks Invitational
"Mavericks Invitational" (formerly known as Mavericks Surf Contest) is led by 70s big-wave legendery surfer (and Mavericks pioneer) Jeff Clark.

Best "Big Wave" Surfing Spot
Mavericks is one of the world's best "big wave" surfing spots — famous for its huge waves (30-50 feet) and popular with surfers the world over. In the past, Mavericks Surf Contest drew over 50,000 spectators and millions of TV and internet viewers from around the globe. Its famous "big waves" break about one mile off-shore in Princeton-by-the Sea.

Mavericks Surf Contest
Mavericks Surf Contest takes place about a half-mile offshore from Pillar Point. The contest date is chosen based on projected swell heights and wind speeds. Because of such short notice, this annual contest is one of the world's most sponteneous world-class athletic events.

The official "waiting period" for the annual Mavericks Surf Contest is usually between November/December 1st thru' March 31st.

Each year, on just 24-48 hours' notice, top surfers from around the world descend upon the cold waters of Half Moon Bay — at Northern California's most famed surf break — for the chance to compete in the Mavericks Surf Contest and ride what many consider to be "the most dangerous waves in the world."

Bluff Area Off Limits
The small section of bluff overlooking the "surf contest" area is very steep and can be muddy. In previous years, the viewing area got extremely crowded during the surfing event — Professional News Agencies and Photographers arrived early to stake out and take over the best viewing locations. As of 2012, there is NO beach access. Crowds will be directed back toward Princeton-by-the-Sea, where local hotels and restaurants may host viewing parties.

Watch Live on the Web
If you can't be there to experience the Mavericks Surf Contest in person, watch it from the best seat in the house — your iPhone, iPad, Tablet, Smartphone, Desktop or Laptop
Mavericks Surf Contest via live webcast.

Ustream may also broadcast the contest live on your Smartphone and Tablet. We watched the 2010 contest live on Ustream for the first time — part of the day we watched on our iPhones (which worked great).
Search Ustream for a live Maverick Contest Broadcast.

Viewing Parties
Princeton-on-the Sea hotels and restaurants will be hosting viewing parties — parking will be limited, so arrive early.

LIVE via "Big Screen" Webcast
at AT&T Park

In the past, you could watch Mavericks Surf Contest LIVE via Webcast on AT&T Stadium's 130 x 30-ft Jumbo Screen — great view and fun party! Call AT&T Park @ 415-972-2000 for more info.

Mavericks Invitation Festival
Mavericks Invitational Festival (outdoor surfing festival) is held at the Oceana Hotel & Spa at Harbor Village in Princeton Harbor, Half Moon Bay. Surfing fans can watch (and listen to) all the action on a big-screen JumboTron. The festival includes live entertainment, food, Mavericks merchandise, an awards ceremony... and a chance to meet the surfers who are taking part in the Mavericks Invitational surfing contest.

"Chasing Mavericks" the 2012
Surfing fans won't want to miss seeing the 2012 surfing movie "Chasing Mavericks" staring Gerard Butler. Here's a brief synopsis of the story:

"When young Jay Moriarty discovers that the mythic Mavericks surf break, one of the biggest waves on Earth, exists just miles from his Santa Cruz home, he enlists the help of local legend Frosty Hesson to train him to survive it." via IMBD.com


Big Wave Surfing

Surfers at Half Moon Bay, California

Giant Waves
Mavericks Invitational 2014 2013 had near-perfect weather conditions with monster 30-40-ft waves. In 2013 it was warm and sunny with up to 30-foot waves. Each year the event draws thousands of spectators from around the world.

Due to flat wave conditions, there was no Mavericks Surf Contest in 2011 and 2012.

Mid-February 2010 and the first week of December 2007 will go down as "two of the best weeks ever" for surfing in Northern California.

The 2010 Mavericks Surf Contest took place on Saturday, Feburary 13, 2010 starting at 7:50am in Half Moon Bay, CA. Over 20,000 spectators gathered on the beach and hillsides trying to get a view of the competition. And almost 50,000 people watched the contest live on Ustream.

Biggest Waves Ever (video)
In 2010, giant waves reached 50+ feet (that's five stories high) — the biggest ever for a Mavericks Surf Contest!

Watch YouTube video to see 2010 Mavericks' massive waves and spectator injuries

Watch a Video featuring some of the largest waves ever surfed off the Half Moon Bay Beaches

Mavericks History
& Surf Contest History

Mavericks Surf Contest Winners and Past Winners

Surf Conditions
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Surf Conditions

More Info
Mavericks Official Website
Mavericks Facebook
Mavericks Twitter

Mavericks Surf Shop
25 Johnson Pier
Pillar Point Harbor
Half Moon Bay, CA 94019
(650) 560-8088

Pillar Point Beach
near Half Moon Bay, CA

Mavericks Surf Contest

Mavericks Invitational Festival

Mavericks History

Mavericks Winners

Mavericks Parking &
Directions (Google Map)

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