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Horse Drawn Carriage Posters


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Horse-Drawn Carriage Rides
in Central Park

Horse & Carriage Rides
Give your weary feet a rest and take a leisurely Horse & Buggy ride through New York's Central Park — it's one of the most romantic... and popular ways to see the most famous park in the world.

We've enjoyed several carriage rides over the years — Spring and Fall are nice when the weather is more temperate. Winter time can be very romantic, cuddling under warm blankets.

Book a Central Park Horse & Carriage Tour

Where to Find the Carriages
You don't need to book in advance to take a Carriage Ride (unless you want to book the Private Carriage Ride and Central Park Dinner). The carriages can be found lined up along Central Park South at 59th Street (between 5th & 6th Avenues), at the southern end of Central Park, across from the Plaza Hotel. Most of these beautiful horses are born and bred in Amish Country, PA.

NOTE: No reservations are necessary.

Book a Central Park Horse & Carriage Tour

Year-Round Carriage Rides
Most carriage rides are available year-round — although fewer carriages run during January (when it's cold) and August (when it's sizzling outside).

Rule of thumb is if it's "one degree above 90" or "one degree below 20", they don't operate. FYI, during the chilly winter months, blankets are available.

Carriage Ride Policies
Carriages seat up to 4 people per ride. Pets are allowed. Gift Certificates are also available.

Carriage Ride Prices
Carriage ride prices may vary (and are subject to change), so be sure to ask the driver prior to boarding the carriage. Most rides are approximately 45 minutes. Longer rides are negotiable. There is no tax charged.  The cost is per carriage ride... not per person. Note: Reservations are required for pre-arranged carriage rides (approx 40 minutes to 2 1/2 hours long).

59th Street — Central Park South (between 5th & 6th Avenues, across from The Plaza Hotel)

Book a Central Park Horse & Carriage Tour

Horse & Carriage Rides for Marriage Proposals & Special Occasions
Thinking of popping the question? Looking for a memorable way to mark a special occasion (birthday, anniversary) or just because. Take a romantic carriage ride through Central Park and make it a day (or night) to remember..

Book Central Park Horse & Carriage Proposal

More Info
Central Park Carriages

Manhattan Carriage Ride Co.

Central Park Carriage Rides

Manhattan Pedicab Rides are also available (2 ppl per cab). Tours run approximately one hour.

Outside Central Park
Carriage rides are usually not permitted outside Central Park, however, it's up to the individual carriage drivers to make exceptions.

We've seen carriages in the Theater District and Times Square at night, so it's worth asking, but don't count on it.

New York Hanson Cab Rides

Horse Drawn Carriage Posters 

Horse Carriage Rides in New York Time Square

Horse Carriage Rides by Central Park in New York


Carriage Rides opposite Plaza Hotel

Horse Carriage Ride in New York

Central Park Carriage Rides
Buy Horse Drawn Carriage Posters

Horse Drawn Carriage in New York Central Park

Hanson Cab Ride in NY

New York Horse Carriage Ride

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Central Park - New York Carriage Rides

Fun Central Park Attractions
Central Park

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