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Chinatown Food & Walking Tour

Explore Chinatown Tour (Food & Culture Walking Tour) by Foods of NY Tours, New York

Guided Chinatown Tour
You can spend hours walking around Chinatown — it covers over two square miles on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. One of the best ways to really explore the area, learn about its history and get a feel and "taste" of Chinatown, is to take a Guided Tour.

Explore Chinatown:
Food & Culture Walking Tour

During a recent visit, we took an "Explore Chinatown: Food & Culture Walking Tour" and it was fantastic!

FUN and informative, the three-hour tour includes sampling a variety of delicious Chinese cuisine (mainly sit-down tastings) — we enjoyed the best Dim Sum since our visit to Xi'an, China... and the best Peking Duck since dining at the China Club in Beijing.

Delicious sliced Peking Duck at Peking Duck House in Chinatown, New York City

Learn about Chinese etiquette, explore local historic landmarks, walk around Chinatown and its hidden side streets, and browse the outdoor markets. The Chinatown tour is FUN for visitors and locals alike!

Be sure to wear comfortable shoes. I'm glad I left my tight jeans back at the hotel and wore loose clothing because we did a LOT of eating — come with an appetite!

Yummy Eggplant in Chinatown, NYC

Dim Sum Go Go in Chinatown, NYC - freshly-made Dim Sum; the best we've tasted outside of China



Enjoy Dim Sum tasting on Chinatown Food Tour in Chinatown, NYC

Delicious Dim Sum at Dim Sum Go Go in Chinatown, NYC

Chinatown, New York City, NY

Carving Peking Duck at Peking Duck House in Chinatown, New York City

Raheem (our Foods of NY Tour Guide) showing us Chinese etiquette on preparing Peking Duck pancakes at Peking Duck House in Chinatown, NYC

Ten Ren's Tea House, Chinatown, NYC

Chinatown Tea House
Experience the fine art of enjoying Chinese Tea in Chinatown's Ten Ren Tea.

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